Because nothing is guaranteed, you want to stack the odds in your favor; to give yourself the best chances to succeed. You need to know your options so that your real estate deals get you the price and convenience that YOU want. Collaborate with Bill Williams who has bought and sold real estate for over 25 years all over the Bay Area while living in district 9 of San Francisco. As an agent for over 20 years, Bill’s natural focus gravitates toward where he has the most value to offer. Bill has served on 5 boards of directors of condo associations and can share the lay of the land. Saving your time and expense, leading to repeat business is Bill's #1 goal. A top producer with a consistently successful track record in Mission Bay, SoMa, South Beach, the Mission, Bay Area & beyond, you will want Bill in your corner for all of your real estate transactions. Need REAL help? Call Bill Williams, Real Estate Agent/ consultant.


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